Friday, June 9, 2017

Can I get a World War II Novel Please?

World War II novels are trendy. It's sad, I know, but it's also totally true. Just like stories of dystopian societies and men growing vegetables in space, people want to read about life during World War II. Why? Triumph over adversity? Acknowledgement of mankind's recent and shocking display of our capability of being beastly and inhuman? Drama? Whatever the reasons the novels are soaring to the tops of popularity charts, I've boarded the trend train and here are some of my thoughts and recommendations. Enjoy!

Nightingale - by Kristen Hannah

The story of Vianne and Isabelle, sisters living in France when the War starts, one brunette and seemingly weak, one blond and bold and fearless. It's as much a story of family ties and loves and loyalties as it is about Parisian suffering.

Incredible. Hard to put down. Will make you want to hug your sister.

Book Thief - by Markus Zusak

Death is the narrator of this story that tells of foster child Liesel who steals books and shares them with the Jewish man hiding in her parents basement while her father plays the accordion and mother curses at her.

This story breathes tragedy, and it's utterly lovely. Will make you want to read all the books while you can.

All the Light We Cannot See - by Anthony Doerr

Beautifully written with one chapter for her, Marie, Parisian super intelligent blind heroine working with her father on locks in the Museum of Natural History, and then one chapter for him, Werner, German orphaned radio-mechanic-genius in a Hitler youth camp.

Wait the entire book for their stories to finally become entwined and it's so worth it. Will make you wander around your home with a blindfold wondering if you would be anywhere near as awesome at being blind as Marie.

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