Monday, March 7, 2016

Books That Make You Laugh Out Loud - What You Should Read Next

"Books that make you laugh out loud" hold a special place in my heart. 

Sure, deep and meaningful stories are great, causing us to explore our inner motivations, learn about other peoples and cultures, times and ideas, or perhaps even learn to become better humans ourselves while we discuss poignant social issues. I'm most definitely a fan. That being said, at some times that's just not what you need in life! A giggle, a belly laugh, and feeling like someone is stupider than you but still completely lovable can feel purely therapeutic. The endorphine rush (nerd word for happiness) from a relaxing and smile-inducing novel is also great. And yes, I did have fun with those italics. 

Here are some of my favorites!

I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella

Poppy Wyatt's dreams have come true, and then she loses her engagement ring, is involved in a hotel fire, and her cell phone is stolen. A modern woman crumbling without her cell phone at her side, she spots a cell phone abandoned in a trash can and you know she just has to go for it. Sam, the real owner of her "new" phone, doesn’t appreciate Poppy reading his messages and wading into his personal life. It’s hilarious to watch them upend each other’s lives through emails and text messages. 

Why you should read it: This book is lighthearted and relatable, laugh out loud hilarious. A guaranteed fun read, it won't make you smarter, but it will make you happier. I promise.

Quote: “We're playing Scrabble. It's a nightmare."
"Scrabble?" He sounds surprised. "Scrabble's great."
"Not when you're playing with a family of geniuses, it's not. They all put words like 'iridiums'. And I put 'pig'.” 

The Little Lady Agency - Hester Browne

After getting fired (again) Melissa decides that instead of getting another secretarial job she will no doubt hate, she starts an independent business wherein she might use her homemaking, party hosting and womanly social skills to help out clueless single men in need. With her blond wig, pencil skirts and heels she feels like “Honey”, a new woman, but that won’t stop her from getting in one snaffu after another, and it certainly won’t stop us from laughing at her. 

Why you should read it: Totally clean, stiches in your side funny, this book won’t disappoint.

Quote: “There are many marks of a true lady but I believe that one of them is to walk with her head held high while her world falls apart around her.” 

Where'd You Go, Bernadette? - Maria Semple

This book describes a deliciously crazy family, dad, mom and daughter living in modern day Seattle. When Bernadette outsources her life to India, and disappears, it's left up to Bee, her daughter, to figure out just where she's gone to. 

Why you should read it: A bizarre story about mother-daughter relationships and burnt out artists trying to exist, it struck me as both realistic and hilarious. 

Quote: “I recently made one friend, though, a woman named Manjula, who runs errands for me all the way from India. She’s virtual, but it’s start.”

Bossypants - Tina Fey

She makes life funny from start to finish, from feeling ugly in childhood to knowing you sometimes are in adulthood, in this book Tina Fey shares her own personal life stories and it's so funny. She trims her daughter's toenails than lives in fear of the babysitter will find out. She almost dies on a cruise boat. 

Why you should read it: You will laugh and laugh and laugh.

Quotes: "The first real change in women’s body image came when JLo turned it butt-style." “What Turning Forty Means to Me: I need to take my pants off as soon as I get home. I didn't used to have to do that. But now I do.” “My proudest moment as a child was the time I beat my uncle Pierre at Scrabble with the seven-letter word FARTING.”


  1. I loved I've got your number so much!!! So ROTFL! I just found bossy pants in the house and will start! :)