Friday, February 26, 2016

Pride and Prejudice Fans - What You Should Read Next

There are, quite literally, hundreds of Austen fan fictions. There are imitations, additions, extensions, enhancements, and alterations. There are after the Austens, before the Austens, Austen with zombies, rather sexy Austens, time travelling Austens, miserable Austens, as well as happy Austens. Indeed, the options are endless!

How to choose your next "I loved that Austen but just want more" read?
Here is a guide before you dive in, some of my top picks.

A Darcy Perspective
Pamela Aiden's "An Assembly Such as This“, ”Duty and Desire" and "These Three Remain" allow the reader to listen to the beloved Darcy’s introverted thoughts and feelings.
This Darcy-perspective saga feels easy to read, and incorporates quotes and details from the original "Pride and Prejudice" making it a seamless complement. 

A Murder Mystery
P. D. James' "Death Comes to Pemberley" is a dramatic whodunit type story set at the home of none other than the beloved Darcys. 
Wickham is behaving badly once again, but can he really be found guilty of murder?
Good thing Darcy and Elizabeth have maintained their rock solid marriage relationship, which undoubtedly will help them weather this dramatic storm.

Mary Bennet Gets A Turn In The Spotlight
Colleen Mccolough's "Independence of Mary Bennet" tells the after Austen story of the stupidest Bennet sister. 
With men falling at her feet proclaiming love, Ms. Mary Bennett chooses to tromp off on a personal mission of educated enlightenment, only to be robbed, tossed in horse poop, and kidnapped not once but twice, then held hostage for weeks!
Good fun I say! 
Swashbuckling Darcy
Kara Louise's "Pirates and Prejudice" tells how the aftereffects of Elizabeth's refusal of marriage drives Darcy far away from Hartfordshire, until he finds himself on the docks of London, and suprisingly mistaken for a pirate escapee.
While Elizabeth, plans to tour the Lake District cancelled, finds herself sailing to Sicilly with her father only to be tossed about by storms, shipwrecked, and set upon by pirates, one of whom seems oddly familiar.

Modern-Day Austen Fan
Shannon Hale's "Austenland" tells of a modern-day Austen fan who checks out of real life, and checks in to a Austen-fan hotel, where she wears empire-waisted Regency gowns, learns proper etiquette, and flirts with real gentlemen.
Though obviously fantastical, will her time staying in this place help her find a Mr. Darcy of all her own?

So, those are my Austen-esque favorites... what are yours? 
Please leave a comment and let me know! :)


  1. Hi Sophie! This is Suzy from Florida. We met in Gainesville in 2013 when your husband gave a Chinese talk there. I have an Austen-esque recommendation for you. I wrote a book titled: "Mr. Malcolm's List" that you might enjoy. I also adapted it into a screenplay and you can listen to a free podcast of it on iTunes as part of the Black List Table Reads. Here's more info about it:

    But I've really been trying to get in touch with you to ask you about something else. Would you mind emailing me at author at Thanks so much!

    1. Hey Suzanne, Thanks so much for the tip! I will definitely check out your book! 👍🏻📕✔️😄