About Me

An avid reader of all things books, I understand it's not always easy to discover your next great read. My blog is dedicated to the bookworms out there or the would be "worms" if they could only stumble upon the right book for them.

I can't profess to be an expert of any sort on literature, as an associates degree in nursing and a few years of working in plumbing does not equal expertise or even something close. However, I will admit to reading an almost embarrassing amount of books. I read when I'm stressed or tired, and when I'm sad or lonely, and when I'm happy and want to laugh, and I feel like audiobooks were created for me to listen to when I'm running for exercise or driving in the car to and from work.

As an infant, I am told, I was put to bed with a book in my hands, As habits die hard, I have no doubt I will be with book in hands for years to come, the best of which I am thrilled to be able to recommend and to share with you!